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  • Ammonium chloride is a highly sought-after compound that is widely used for various industrial and agricultural applications. It's a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water and highly reactive. As a commodity, ammonium chloride is highly valued for its versatility and important role in many sectors. The price of ammonium chloride per kg is highly competitive and varies depending on the quality and quantity needed. However, it remains a cost-effective solution that provides lasting benefits to a wide range of industries. In agriculture, ammonium chloride is used as a nitrogen fertilizer to enhance plant growth and yield. It's highly soluble hence easily assimilated by plants, making it an ideal option for both small and large-scale farmers. Ammonium chloride also finds application in the manufacturing of dry cells used in batteries, fire extinguishers, and welding fluxes. Its ability to dissolve in water makes it a valuable ingredient in the production of galvanizing and tin-plating work. In the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, ammonium chloride is used as a systemic acidifier and diuretic, which aids in maintaining the pH balance in the body. In conclusion, whether it's for industrial, agricultural or pharmaceutical purposes, ammonium chloride is an essential commodity that offers invaluable benefits. With its competitive price per kg and versatility, it remains a top choice for various applications.
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